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I'm a reading fanatic. I'm a 18 year old freshman in college trying to make it through. I make my own jewelry so why don't you take a look.


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I never meant to end up in a thrift store

My hair tangled with clothes faded

and the stichting loose

not to mention stains from too much use

A permanent smile imprinted on my face

still no frown despite the heartache

my limbs have been pulled out of place

they even lost my shoes

I sigh as I sit on my shelf

surrounded by other old toys for sale

Day by day toys get new homes

except me

I’ll forever be alone

My eyes have lost their gleam

when did life take a turn

Turning from play time

to chew toy

or ammo in fights

I lift my tiny hands

shaped like mittens and the color of sand

I stuffle a sniffle as I stare

at the faded cloth and dirt marks

and think to myself

‘no one would want me, I’m filthy’

So I sit upon my shelf

waiting day by day

until one day I see him

and he sees me

he actually sees me

he pulls on his mom’s shirt and points

she picks me up and frowns

turning to the boy

‘Are you sure this is the one you want?’

oh no

not this

not when I’ve come this close

she’ll put me back make him choose something else

a cute bear

or a polka dotted elephant

anything but a dirty old doll

but he nods excitedly as she just shrugs

She hands me to the boy

‘Fine, but she is your responsibility.’

He nods and holds me out

my head falls limply to the side

he turns his head to the side as well

‘I’ll call you Hana.’


a name

an identity

I no longer felt alone in this world

I stayed by that boys side

he washed out the stains

brushed my hair out straight

sewed a blue dress and bought me shiny black shoes

My eyes were polished and gleamed in the light

and when he grew up I sat at his bedside

He wrote papers

while I sipped tea

While things changed

years passed

I remained a constant

From playground to bedside to shelf to cabinet

I went

watching him be with her

and his family

everything remained the same for me

until old hands turned the knob of the china cabinet

opening it’s doors

reaching in and ruffling my dress

he knelt me down almost to the floor

in front of me was a wide-eyed girl of three or four

and the old man said

‘Now, sweetie, this is my first toy. Her name is Hana.

You see, she was quite the mess when I found her

but I could see what a pretty doll she was underneath

take good care of her, okay? I know she’ll be good company.’

So the girl nodded excitedly and took me in her hands

such warmth I had not felt in so long

she held me out and smiled

and said

‘You’re my new friend!’
In a world so cruel
one can’t help but hide
shy away the feelings you hold
store them deep down where no one can see
the real me
never expecting these turns of events
a factor which can change every main event
I just didn't know it yet
breaking through the stony surface
revealing the soft underbelly of my heart
holding the strings but refusing to pull
instead wiping the overdue tears  from my eyes
how can one's smile make the world look brighter
everything becomes more radiant with each laugh
what I was missing I still do not understand
Because I do not fully understand love
maybe it’s the way he caresses me with his soft touch
or the look in his sea blue eyes when he sees me smile
perhaps it’s the warm bear hugs he does so well
love is subject which no one has a degree
and is more mysterious than the human body itself
the only thing I know is fact is I do love him
the man who broke down my fortress of strife
who dug me out from the rubble into a new world
born into joy and love this reality seems unreal
it’s a fairy tale tangled with reality but functions
the new me is also the old and he loves both
perhaps it was fate’s hand that was dealt that day
some divine intervention unexplained by the cosmos of these events
our meeting
so simple
only a few words spoken
yet the next time we saw each other we knew
somewhere deep down I knew as well
it was hidden behind the stone walls to avoid disappointment
to avoid so many unknown elements of the possible future
that never existed in the first place
this future is not the one I pictured
however it is the best I can fathom
there times that are to come that will make war look easy
together we’ll stand
hand in hand
and stand against the tide
we’ll survive this roller coaster of life
we will live
When did we a create this market
trading life for goods
filling our carts with plastic junk that will break next week,
modified substances that we still call food
but who knows what it does to you,
there’s bottles that will be emptied to forget the long lost dreams,
gemstones pried from the fragile hands of a dying child
we adorn on our hands,
hands which fill our carts to the brim with all these things
it’s these things we didn’t even know we “needed” until we arrived
we march down the aisles our hands full
one holding something precious
the other is filling the cart
check out is a hassle
the amount is more than anymore can afford.
So we make sacrifices for what’s truly important
we carve out the brain of our children and set it upon the table
sacrificing creativity for simple entertainment like cable
next on the list is the decaying organs we hold inside
where unseen poisons seem to lie
gauge out our own eyes because who needs to see the world for what it is
who needs any of those worthless things when we can have
When you get to the checkout line
what you have in your cart
do you have payment?

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